Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daniel Brandt Is A Cyberbully ?! ORLY

Wow DB is an asshole. Who knew, lulz. Lulz indeed Leslie.


  1. This page is to bring together all victims of Daniel Brandt throughout his years victimizing whoever disagrees with his skewed ideas. does not support bullying, even bullying a bully such as Brandt. We are not here for revenge, we are here to share our stories and heal. If you would like to join the "Daniel Brandt is stalking me" support group or you have a story about abuse, stalking, hacking or cyberbullying at the hands of Daniel Brandt from Public Information Research in San Antonio Texas then please contact us at help@danielbrandtisstalkingme. We are an anonymous support group with members ranging the full spectrum from regular Wikipedia editors all the way up to Wikia and WikiMedia board members. Healing is possible.

  2. working url. Sorry about the typo.