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Daniel Brandt, Joseph Evers, Wikipedia : No1currs

 Pop-quiz hot shot, you want to take down ED but you don't have Visual Basic so you can't backtrace their DNS numbers, what do you do? You call this man (no really, his number is 210-509-3160, call him). Daniel Leslie Brandt is a master at the art of doxing people who use their real name on the internet, and similar in look and personality to Sherrod DeGrippo, he has excelled in the fine art of being able to dish it out, but not take it. The resident e-detective of The Wikipedia Review, Brandt has a wide range of experience in internet stalking and e-psychiatry. According to rumors on the internets, Wikipedia plans to file a lawsuit against Brandt for violating the privacy of Wikipedia admins by unearthing private information posted by those admins through the simple means of a scroogle search, and re-publishing it on other websites. is a blog dedicated to exposing the fat nerds behind Encyclopedia Dramatica throughout its various incarnations. Written by Daniel Brandt, professional internet investigator, the purpose of the blog is to expose supposed criminal activity or whatever, but credibility is sketch at best considering it commonly gets dox wrong even with users who use their real name in their username. The blog is considered comical at best.

Currently the blog boasts a lol roster consisting of a .jpg from a magazine of someone who may live in the same town as one of ED's admins, one person who works at the data center where bandwidth is provided, and a colo-jockey. None of these people have anything to do with Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Sherrod DeGrippo was known to be scared shitless of this blog to the point where nobody was allowed to talk about it on any of her websites or IRC (and even further) on pain of e-death. If you did happen to mention the site or its author and were not immediately pwnt from the server, her faggot tattletale admin staff would go crying to her on the super secret mailing list. In under a minute the hambeast would be in the channel, spamming your PMs talking about the upcoming lawlsuits she has in the works and other lies to get you to just shut up about it. Being the Internets, this of course caused a Streisand effect of tsunami-like proportions, putting Girlvinyl's dox in the hands of all those whom she had been cyberbullying for the previous 7 years. The backlash led to the eventual downfall of and the inevitable erecting of the far superior

His Stance on Wikipedia

Daniel Brandt really, really hates his Wikipedia article, and has invested at least 100 hours in getting it deleted, although he had only limited success until early 2007, when the page was deleted in a tortuous process. As a lame excuse for keeping it, wikipedoes frantically argue that Daniel Brandt is a notable figure, even though nobody really knows who the fuck he is. His exploits have included wondering how Essjay could really be who he claimed to be, wondering why Slim Virgin had magical abilities like round-the-clock editing for days on end, showing that wikipedians shamelessly cuntpaste shit from all over the place, and trying to get them to remove his article.
His Story

Daniel Brandt has been, in a way, trolled. Not by us, but by the ruthless hivemind of teenaged aspies at Wikipedia. Some comments from the hivemind include "[at Brandt] Stop whining you fucking baby". Noone cared about Brandt's reputation, instead they pelted his name with unfunny bullshit. Various versions of his article are still available on the Wikipedia to this day.
His Stance on Google

Brandt also hates Google, another Cthulhu of the Internet. Long before he set up Wikipedia Watch, he made this nice site about Google's nefarious activities. Even better, he has set up this Google proxy, which stops them from feeding your computer cookies and keeping secret records of your IP address and searches. It used to do even better things, like comparing rankings from Yahoo and Google, but the Yahoo bit vanished in mid-2007. In his typical hypocritical fashion, all of his blogs are hosted on Blogspot, a website owned by Google.

There is currently no known public information regarding Brandt's family. However, judging by his pseudo-elusive personality, we can assume he cut off all communication with them years ago.
John Loftus
John Loftus may suspect you are a terrorist.

John Loftus was a narc for the army and advisor for Brandt's company. His claim to fame was doxing an alleged terrorist on Faux News, only to discover that the home was occupied by an innocent family. He has also written several books regarding the Juden and the supposed conspiracies against them, along with claims to have trained Israeli soldiers. There is no reason to believe anything he spews out of his fat mouth, as he is a likely schizophrenic.
Dennis Brutus

Dennis Vincent Brutus was a batshit insane activist and board member for Public Information Research. He spent most of his life trying to fight the South African government, making little success, and ultimately being jailed for it. While attempting to escape, he was shot down and put back in his proper place. In 2009, he was old, poor, and was finally finished off by cancer.
Stephen Badrich

Stephen Page Badrich was the secretary and treasurer for PIR, and quite possibly Brandt's lover. The discovery of the address the two once shared lead many to question Brandt's sexual orientation. He has yet to comment.
Peter Scott
Peter Scott, looking a bit old.

Peter Dale Scott was an advisor for PIR. Most of his early life was spent writing the predecessors to emo poetry, but later turned into a self-described author of "deep politics". His books are about the government's agenda behind 9/11, and CIA activities they don't want you to know about. He rejects the label "conspiracy theorist".

Carl Oglesby was an advisor for PIR, and like all of Brandt's friends, is a writer, an activist, and a conspiracy theorist. He was head of Students for a Democratic Society (a semi-organized group of anti-Vietnam hippies) in the 60's. During his time with SDS, he gave a few speeches that made no impact on the war, and most likely took LSD. After being kicked out in 1969, he decided to live the rest of his life like it was still the late 60's and published several books about the JFK assassination.

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